Hey, therapists! The time to act has come today. You must protect your patients and your practice!

Health care providers of all stripes need to be communicating with clients and patients now. Today is Friday the 13th, and everyone following the news knows that we are about to experience significant disruptions in the normal social order due to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

As practitioners, your immediate task is to let your patients know if there is any active disruption in the normal operation of your office and what specific steps you have taken to insure hygiene in the office. And don't forget ventilation!

Start Here: COVID-19 and psychology services: How to protect your patients and your practice ... from the American Psychological Association

Further study: Pandemic News, Tips and Tools from the APA ... includes resources such as the World Health Organization's "Getting Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19" brochure.

Be Aware: This is a time of necessary social isolation and heightened social anxiety. There will be casualties. The psychological toll that will follow the economic disruption will be significant. The number of people without resources to weather this storm is substantial.

Next Steps: It may become necessary for you to self-quarantine while symptom free and still able to serve clients. In next week or so, you may very much need to have video conferencing capability. (I am looking into the options and will share what I learn fairly soon).

For now, from the National Register:

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