I have been a psychologist for more than 30 years

I have been working in the field of psychology since 1976, starting at the Master's level.

In 1982, I completed my doctorate degree at the Berkeley campus of the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP-Berkeley). I have been licensed to practice as psychologist, and to use that title, since 1984 (California License PSY8693).

By the time I completed the Ph.D., I had worked for 4 years as an assistant to a forensic psychologist and had interned for three years in community mental health centers. After finishing my studies, I was a staff psychologist at the California Youth Authority for almost five years. During the last three, I worked mostly as an organizational, training and consulting psychologist.

Before pursuing a doctorate, my studies were concentrated on research in the areas of perception,  working memory,  attention and cognitive processes.  My subsequent training was primarily in the field of clinical psychology.

I practiced for a number of years as a psychotherapist,  but my career has been largely focused on conducting diagnostic interviews and evaluations. Since about 1992, I have worked almost exclusively in the field of criminal forensic psychology.  I have qualified as an expert witness throughout California and also in Federal Courts. 

Throughout my career, I have retained an interest in health psychology and I have lectured frequently on the connection between health, stress and well-being. In this regard, a particular focus of my writing and my independent research has been on the assessment of depression, anxiety and psychological health.

My interests in the field are broad and my fascination with the science of psychology is enduring.

My professional profile and contact information is here.