This blog is about everyday psychology

I am a professional psychologist and have practiced independently since the 1980's. Most of my work was in the criminal justice system. Before I specialized in criminal forensic psychology, I studied psychology broadly and conducted research. I have expertise in a number of areas.

I started writing and posting articles here more than ten years ago. I have written only on occasion, when I have had time. I write about things that happen to interest  me at the moment.

I have never meant this to be an everyday thing, although it is everyday psychology that I like to write about.

In some way, everything in psychology has something to do with everyday life and everyday experience.

Psychology is concerned with how people perceive the world around them and how they react to it, how they grow and how they learn, and how they relate to others and function in groups. Psychology is about how people think, feel, and behave.

That is a definition that includes a lot of what we might encounter in everyday life, whether at home at work or in the community.

A lot of what we know in the field of psychology seems like it should just be a matter of common sense. Actually, very little of it is just that simple. Our most fascinating insights are counterintuitive: not what you would expect.

A lot of what people think they know about psychology seems to be common sense but is actually more like personal opinion.

When I communicate as I do here in my professional role, I try to keep my personal opinions out of it. Whenever I say something about what people should do or how things ought to be, I try to ground my argument in fact, theory, science or professional experience.

However, you will notice that I have strong opinions about some things and that Donald Trump has gotten into my head.

Some of what I write is of more personal interest to me. Some of the topics are just things that captured my imagination.

I hope you find it all useful and interesting.

January 2018

Copyright, Paul G. Mattiuzzi, Ph.D.